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  • Our Founder - Srila Prabhupada
  • Ecstatic Devotion
  • Colourful Celebration
  • Food Distribution
  • Cow Protection
  • Mantra Meditation

Welcome to Hare Krishna Melbourne

Hare Krishna Melbourne is the centre of the Bhakti Yoga Movement in Melbourne


We help people find real happiness and inner fulfilment through mantra meditation, devotional music and service to society. Our movement is based on a profound ancient philosophy that reveals complete solutions to life's eternal problems.




Hare Krishna Veg/Vegan Food:


We are now offering daily lunch feast pickups and deliveries from the Temple campus, 12:45 pm – 1:30 pm.


We deliver within the City of Port Phillip: free for orders over $30!


Get contactless pickups or deliveries of delicious Hare Krishna food on Fridays and Saturdays:

  • Pick-up from our Melbourne Temple campus at 197 Danks St. Albert Park 4 pm - 7:30 pm.
  • In the Western Suburbs, pick up at Patel Brothers Supermarket 2/169 Watton St Werribee 4 pm to 6 pm.

We are now offering Paneer Tikka Burgers!


Check out our delicious menu at, then order your meal and pay. Use the discount coupon STORE05 for a 5% discount.


You'll need to order and designate your pickup or delivery by 10am.


Receive order status updates via text.


To pick up your food at the Temple, observe social distancing and queue (as needed) in the front garden. You can also request a curbside pickup at the Temple.


Tell your friends!



Radhey's Contactless Pickups


Contactless pickups are still available direct from Radhey's Chai Bar


If you live or work in the Central Business District or the City of Yarra, you’re right on our doorstep. You can make a contactless pickup at Radhey’s Chai Bar, 336 Brunswick St Fitzroy.


Choose from burger, wrap, lasagna, vegan or vegetarian meal deals - all freshly made in-house - or make your personal menu choice. You’ll love Radhey’s desserts and our unique range of chais. Everything is offered with devotion to Lord Krishna and your contribution supports Hare Krishna Melbourne and our outreach projects.


Call us direct on 03 9077 8858 12 pm-8 pm Mon-Sat.

Contactless deliveries are available through Deliveroo, Doordash, Menulog and Uber Eats.



Hare Krishna Melbourne Food For Life:

Delivering free prasadam takeaways to the needy in the City of Port Phillip during the coronavirus emergency 

Mana Mohana Dasa is heading up the cooking and delivery team. Bhakta Dasa is liaising with the City of Port Phillip (who are backing the project), and he has gained support from Premier Daniel Andrews, Andrew Bond (our Lake Ward member of Council), and Father Bob Maguire.


Please share the poster with your contacts in Port Phillip so that anyone in need can reach out to us.



Whats On



Online Darshana During Current Temple Closure To Prevent the Spread of Coronavirus


Join our  live stream worship 3 times a day:
  • Mangala Arati - 4:30am - 5.00am
  • Sringara Arati - 7:00am - 7.30am (daily darshana and Guru Puja kirtana)
  • Sandhya Arati - 7:00pm - 7.30pm
(Melbourne’s LIVE channel will be visible/available only at the above times.)
At 7:30am you can stream Srimad Bhagavatam class (and follow the text). Or you can stream the audio using apps like VLC Media Player, or listen on SoundCloud.




ISKCON Melbourne Statement

Re. State of Emergency Self Isolation Directive for Returning Travellers


Dear Devotees,


Perhaps some of you are unaware that from midnight on Sunday 15 March, everyone entering Australia from overseas has been required to self-isolate for 14 days.


People must not leave the premises where they are self-isolating except for the purpose of obtaining medical care or supplies; in any other emergency situation; or in circumstances where it is possible to avoid close contact with other persons. They also cannot allow visitors into their home. The penalty for failing to comply is a fine of up to $20,000.


As a Temple, we are following the Government’s directives to limit the spread of coronavirus to protect devotees and members of our wider community.


We applaud those who are voluntarily complying with this Victorian State of Emergency directive for returning travellers.


If you fail to self-isolate, please be aware that you are potentially endangering the community and may be reported to the police.


If you have questions about what you should do if you or your family-member returned from overseas before or after midnight, Sunday March 15, please read these guidelines.




Entry to Melbourne Temple for rostered services


As you all are aware, to prevent the spread of coronavirus the Temple is closed until further notice from Monday, 16 March. Temple gates (front and back) will be locked at all times. Our managers have finalised how devotees will be given entry to complete their rostered services.


Access to Temple 


Phone numbers for department heads and some ashram devotees are displayed at the front gate.

Please call any of these numbers for access when you reach the gate. Service rosters are displayed to verify your service.



  1. Entry is only for rostered devotees - not for anyone accompanying them - including family and friends.
  2. Please leave the campus once your service is complete. Ask someone with the gate key to let you out.
  3. All temple programs, including chanting sessions, are for temple residents only.
  4. If you are feeling unwell, you must prioritise informing your department head. 

Considering the seriousness of this situation, we request everyone's co-operation.


Praying that you all stay safe and healthy,

Your Servant,
Arjuna Sakha Das (Staff Co-ordinator)




Access to Melbourne Temple restricted until further notice



For the safety and well-being of our friends and supporters, and to prevent the spread of the coronavirus COVID-19 in the ISKCON community, the ISKCON Melbourne Temple will be closed from Monday, 16 March 2020 to everyone except those performing rostered services.

  1. Temple entry is only open to rostered staff and volunteers, and to resident ashram devotees from Monday, 16 March. 
  1. Saturday and Sunday Feasts, Kirtana nights and the Urban Yoga program will be suspended until further notice. 
  1. Prasadam meals will not be distributed to the public beginning from Monday, 16 March. 
  1. Deity darshana and Bhagavatam classes will be available online.  
  1. Sastra Courses and Children's Programs will be delivered online. Students should contact their teachers for details. 
  1. Bhakti Vriksha groups are encouraged to co-ordinate programs using online facilities. 
  1. Radhey’s Chai Bar is open for dine-in, takeaways and contactless delivery. Gopal's will re-open on June 22. Crossways is closed until we move to another CBD location.

Thank you for your co-operation.


Your servant, Aniruddha Dasa - Temple President