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Home Programs

Enjoy Hare Krishna Home Programs with your family. Make new friends.

  • General Enquiries: Hare Krishna Melbourne, Aniruddha Dasa 03-9699-5122
  • Albert Park: Nityananda Priya Dasa 0433-943-331
  • Alfredton (Ballarat): Janesvara Dasa 0411-726-186
  • Avondale Heights: Radha Venudhari Dasa 0433-051-192
  • Bendigo: Raj Gulati 0458-670-949
  • Clayton: Surya Gopala Dasa 0412-321-951
  • Cranbourne – Clyde North: Svayam Sampurna Dasa 0466-096-298
  • Glenroy: Partha Sarathi Dasa 0401-560-472
  • Hoppers Crossing: Svayam Sampurna Dasa 0466-096-298
  • Middle Park: Sri Chaitanya Dasa 0400-933-904
  • Mount Waverly: Sarvatma Dasa 0413-552-829
  • Ormond: Aiswarya Jagannatha Dasa 0420-228-873
  • Point Cook: Brijesh 0432-372-948
  • Point Cook: Nandababa Dasa 0403-574-586
  • Point Cook: Ojasvi Dasa 0425-780-550
  • Point Cook: Shyamsundara Krishna Dasa 0420-930-591
  • Point Cook: Suvarna Krishna Dasa 0422-216-754
  • Port Melbourne: Yamuna Jivana Dasa 0411-308-679
  • Sanctuary Lakes: Jada Bharata Dasa 0410-339-835
  • St Kilda: Vishnu 0403-095-052
  • St Kilda West: Hanumana Dasa 0434-169-342
  • Tarneit: Ananda Vardhana Dasa 0433-402-727
  • Tarneit: Bhakta Dasa 0431-829-463
  • Torquay: Keshava Dasa 0405-577-453
  • Truganina: Madhavananda Dasa 0400-697-993
  • Truganina: Sudhir Govinda Dasa 0401-185-667
  • Werribee: Dhira Siromani Dasa 0401-930-393
  • Wyndham Vale: Vraja Bhava Dasa 0469-901-682


Children’s Class Contacts

Find out what weekend classes are available – for children and teens – at or near the Temple in Albert Park.

Children’s Class Contacts

Adult’s Courses and Course Information

Register interest in the upcoming Srila Prabhupada Lilamrta exam here

Register for the upcoming Founder Acarya Course here.

Register for the upcoming ISKCON Disciple Course here.

Register interest in the upcoming Bhakti Sastro Course here

All our courses are held at the Temple or nearby.

Initiation Hub


To prepare, read me

To qualify for shelter

To qualify for first initiation

Register to qualify for initiation HERE and send your SERVICE RECORD (send your service record first)

To qualify for second initiation

Register to qualify for second initiation HERE and send your SERVICE RECORD (send your service record first)

Find and Print Online Darshana Photos

Just to help you access your favourite photo files and then print them yourself, we have established online albums at Facebook, Flickr and Google Photos.

Here are four albums of 3-Temple-altar photos for home altars (high-resolution A4 landscape):

Browse our online albums

How to Get photo-quality prints from online pictures