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ISKCON Temple Meals and Feasts

Melbourne’s ISKCON temple serves free food everyday, 3 times a day (when COVID restrictions allow). Join us for breakfast, lunch and dinner at the temple where we will serve a fantastic range of delicious cuisine. ISKCON’s internationally famous Saturday and Sunday Feasts on the weekends at 6:00 pm are also free and open to public. Bring all the family along. Immerse yourself in the friendly atmosphere while you taste irresistible preparations. You won’t be disappointed – that’s our special guarantee! Everyone is welcome to sample these sanctified traditional dishes.


The sanctified dishes are known as prasadam. Hare Krishna Melbourne is world-famous for prasadam distribution. Pre-Covid, our food relief kitchen Hare Krishna Food For Life were distributing 5-6,000 plates of free prasadam every week. Srila Prabhupada always encouraged prasadam distribution for the masses and inspired us to revive their Krishna Consciousness by freely distributing Krishna prasadam on a large scale. Our devotees have distributed prasadam across Australia.

What is Prasadam?

Prasadam is the remnants of an offering made to Krishna. Prasadam is a term used by Hare Krishnas to mean “Krishna’s mercy.” Any food we offer is pure vegetarian – that means no meat, fish, eggs, onion or garlic. Prasadam is made out of love for the pleasure of Krishna and the karma of the offered food is removed. Because it is connected with Krishna, prasadam helps anyone who eats it to grow spiritually.
If you would like to know more, we have an extensive range of Hare Krishna meal recipes and cookbooks in our Temple Shop. When we hold weekend Feasts, you’ll find many seasoned prasadam-aficionados ready to answer your questions!

ISKCON Temple Prasadam Food Timings 

Our temple serves meals everyday at the following times:
9:00 am Breakfast
1:00 pm Lunch
5:30 pm Dinner

The meals are served in the Prasadam Hall (upstairs above the Temple Room).

Are ISKCON Meals Free?

Yes, all meals are free of charge. You can support this service by making donating towards Food For Life online or in person at our Member Services Office.
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