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We provide accommodation in Prabhupada House for visitors from all over the world. We are in a beach-side suburb with easy public transport to the city. Free daily meals are included as part of the package.

Prabhupada House includes three first-floor guest rooms: two single rooms and a double room, with a shared bathroom. Melbourne Temple serves Krishna prasadam (sanctified food) free of charge from our Dining Hall three times a day. Two tram stops are within 5-10 minutes’ walk of the Temple.

Our priority is to accommodate travelling preachers, so our rooms often have long-standing bookings. For this reason, it is best to inquire well in advance regarding your proposed stay.

We require our guests to observe our regulative principles during their stay, primarily by:

  • taking pure vegetarian foods only – no meat, fish, eggs, onion or garlic
  • taking no intoxicants – including tea, coffee and caffeinated foods or drinks
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