We perform all types of pujas, from housewarming to naming, birth and death ceremonies. Our priests can help you choose the astrologically auspicious time to perform your puja, with a fire sacrifice, either in your home or at the Temple.


The Vedic literatures describe that there are many opportunities during one’s life – from before birth to after death – when one performs ceremonies for purification to evoke auspiciousness and ensure advancement in spiritual life.

Pujas include:

  1. Jata-Karma (Birth Ceremony)
  2. Niskramana: When a child leaves the house for the first time
  3. Pausti-Karma: Ceremony to protect your child’s health
  4. Anna-Prasana: Feeding a child grains for the first time
  5. Cudu-Karnam: Hair-cutting ceremony
  6. Vidyarambha: Entering school
  7. Samavartana: Graduation
  8. Vivaha: Marriage Ceremony
  9. Griha-Ramba: Laying a foundation stone
  10. Griha–Pravesa: House warming
  11. Sraddha-Pattra (Pinda): Oblations to departed forefathers
  12. Fire ceremony for auspiciousness

Ceremonies outside of this list can also be performed.

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