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Hare Krishna Valley is our farm community in the Otway Ranges. The Valley’s motto is “natural living, high thinking”. Natural living means that we live a comfortable, uncomplicated life in harmony with nature.

At Hare Krishna Valley, we are developing a self-sufficient farm community where we protect the earth. Our projects include organic farming, non-violent dairying, wildlife protection, forest regeneration, solar energy, and biogas development.

Our residents live together in a spirit of love and trust. Visitors are treated as welcome friends and are encouraged to use their strengths to develop a positive future. Hare Krishna Valley is a spiritual sanctuary, a place where guests can rejuvenate themselves and feel part of a greater family. If you are a WWOOFer, we have plenty for you to see and do.

Enjoy our farm feastival from 12 noon on the 2nd Sunday of each month. To attend, book on eventbrite.com.au.

If you are touring, we are just 25 minutes from Lorne and the Great Ocean Road. Enjoy fresh country air, see native wildlife, feed the cows, and check out our gardens and orchards. Visit our Temple and Retreat precinct and our shop. Our guest tariff is $65 per night per person.

You can book accommodation at Radha and Krishna Ashrams (Vegan/vegetarian Otway Retreat, Bambra) on airbnb.com.au. To book group accommodation or retreats, or to get advance notice of upcoming events, go to our website.

You can receive our farm news by liking Keshava Jenkins or Hare Krishna Valley on Facebook. If you’re interested in helping to develop Hare Krishna Valley, contact Keshava on 0405-577-453 or [email protected].


1265 Winchelsea-Deans Marsh Road (at the end of Seaches Outlet)
Bambra VIC 3241

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