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The Hare Krishna Melbourne Temple gives away free meals at our temple and after our events to any who wish to enjoy some delicious vegetarian food. But why are we passionate about providing prasadam to both the Hare Krishna Melbourne community and the wider community? Back in the 1970s, when ISKCON’s founder, Srila Prabhupada famously said “Let every hungry man in Melbourne come and eat”. In the decades since, the Hare Krishna Melbourne devotees have made it their mission to ensure that any person can find a meal within our grounds – no matter their background or faith.

What is Prasadam?

Prasadam is what Hare Krishna devotees refer to as the food that we eat. Prasadam refers to “Krishna’s Mercy” and is the remnants of an offering made to Krishna.

All of the food that we serve at the Hare Krishna Melbourne Temple is Prasadam. Our meals are purely vegetarian, and won’t include any meat, fish, eggs, onion or garlic. This is because we view animals as holy creations of Krishna’s design that are meant to be cared for by humanity and not used as food.

Hare Krishna Kitchen

Helping Feed the Community

As devotees of the Krishna consciousness, we feel called to give back to the community around us. We are devoted to providing for the hungry and needy of our world, but we are also welcoming to any who wish to come along to one of our meals. The past few years have been particularly hard on many in Melbourne, as the pandemic has caused financial and emotional strain on many who call this city home.

This is why the Hare Krishna Melbourne Temple in Albert Park serves free meals after our Sunday Kirtan and during our annual events. We understand the importance of sharing a meal and connecting with other people. Humans are social creatures, and after years of not being able to meet in person as often as we’d like, we want to offer a platform for all of Melbourne to come together and have both their stomachs and souls filled.

Whether you are a devotee of the Krishna consciousness or not, we invite you to enjoy one of the free meals at our temple. We provide food that will treat the whole family and make you want to come back for more.


Food For Life Program

Hare Krishna Melbourne is also dedicated to helping fight against Melbourne’s hunger crisis through our Food for Life program. This program was started in 1974 with the goal to combat world hunger through the distribution of sanctified vegetarian meals prepared with love and devotion.

At Hare Krishna Melbourne, we strive to fulfill this mission throughout this city through a variety of outlets. In addition to the free food that we serve at our Albert Park Temple each and every day, Melbourne residents can also engage with our Food for Life services in the following ways:

  • Visit our Food for Life outlets in St. Kilda or Crossways Restaurants in the centre of Melbourne which distributes around 5,500 free meals per day.
  • Our Food for Like Kitchen also partners with other volunteer organisations in Melbourne to distribute free vegetarian meals to the hungry via our mobile service.

Across all of these different outlets, Food for Life Melbourne has fed thousands of Melbournians throughout the years.

eations of Krishna’s design that are meant to be cared for by humanity and not used as food.

Hare Krishna Melbourne’s Free Meals at Our Temple

Three times a day – as long as Covid restrictions allow it – we serve free meals to those in need for breakfast, lunch and dinner. On Sundays, and during our temple festivals, all are welcome to join us for one of our renowned weekend feasts in the evening. Opening up our doors to all is just one way that we can give back to the community of Melbourne. So come along to our Sunday Kirtan or one of our events and partake in some great food and great company.

It is our mission to feed the people of Melbourne – no matter what path in life they choose to walk. So come along to our Sunday Kirtan or attend one of our upcoming events to enjoy a wholesome. Contact us today if you want more information or would like to know how to donate food to our Food for Life program.

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