Bhagavad Gita: 365 Reflections for Daily Mindfulness


The Bhagavad-gita is a time-honored guidebook for conscious living Bhagavad Gita: 365 Reflections for Daily Mindfulness takes the insights of the Gita and presents them as brief, practical reflections. Each reflection comes with a title that succinctly summarizes the key point and three thought-provoking questions for further contemplation and application. These 365 reflections are classified into three major sections: nourish yourself, nourish your relationships and nourish your devotion. Each section is further divided into relevant categories such as Growing through Adversities, Mindfulness, Empower Yourself, Emotional Maturity, From Ritual to Spiritual and Overcoming Temptation. Each reflection is your pathway to a deeper, richer, better life. The 365 Reflections for Daily Mindfulness include Emotional Maturity : Value those who value you and don’t overvalue those who devalue you. Empower Yourself : No one has a right to mistreat you, not even you. Overcoming Temptation: Obscenity is objectionable not because it shows too much of a person, but because it shows too little and obsesses observers with the too little. Divine Love : Everything that happens may not be God’s plan, but God can make his plan work through everything that happens. Mindfulness : Mind your mind to know when it is in order, when on the border and when out of order.

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