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Śrīmad-Bhāgavatam 3.22.10 – Sun 29 May 2016

Śrīmad-Bhāgavatam 3.22.10 – Devahūti did not personally see Kardama Muni, but she heard about him from the authority of Nārada Muni. She became fixed in her heart that she would marry him. Hearing from an authority is a better experience than gaining personal understanding.

Śrīmad-Bhāgavatam 3.22.9 – Sat 28 May 2016

Srīmad-Bhāgavatam 3.22.9 – Svāyambhuva Manu was trying to find a suitable bride for his daughter Devahuti. This is a good example of arranged marriage where the desire of the girl is given due consideration. In this way parents protect their daughter and marry her to a suitable husband. Just as parents protect their children, as an institution ISKCON is also taking measures to protect women and children from being abused. It is the collective responsibility of every member to protect women and children from domestic violence and child abuse.

Śrīmad-Bhāgavatam 3.22.8 – Fri 27 May 2016

Śrīmad-Bhāgavatam 3.22.8 – When a disciple is perfectly in consonance with the spiritual master, having received his message and executed it perfectly and sincerely, he has a right to ask a particular favor from the spiritual master. Generally a pure devotee of the Lord or a pure disciple of a bona fide spiritual master does not ask any favor either from the Lord or the spiritual master, but even if there is a need to ask a favor from the spiritual master, one cannot ask that favor without satisfying him fully.

Śrīmad-Bhāgavatam 3.22.7 – Thu 26 May 2016

Śrīmad-Bhāgavatam 3.22.7 – A bona fide spiritual master knows the nature of a particular man and the duties he can perform in Kṛṣṇa consciousness, and he instructs him in that way. One person is advised to serve in the Deities’ room, another is advised to perform editorial work, another is advised to do preaching work, and another is advised to serve in the cooking department. There are different departments of activity in Kṛṣṇa consciousness, and a spiritual master trains him in such a way that by his tendency to act he becomes perfect.

Śrīmad-Bhāgavatam 3.22.6 – Wed 25 May 2016

Śrīmad-Bhāgavatam 3.22.6 – Spiritual success is not possible simply by following the rituals of religion or simply by converting oneself into a sannyāsī or offering sacrifices as recommended in the scriptures. These methods are undoubtedly helpful for spiritual realization, but the real effect is brought about by the grace of a mahātmā. The perfection of transcendental life can be achieved simply by touching the holy dust of the lotus feet of a holy man.

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130516 top centre Narasimha crop

Lord Narasimha Dev: The Transcendental Protector

  Lord Narasimhdev is an avatar of  Lord Vishnu. He is worshipped in a half man and half lion form. Lord Vishnu had taken this incarnation many millennia before, in order to kill the demon king Hiranyakasipu. Hiranyakashipu was abusing and try to murder his own devotee son, Prahlad, simple because Prahlad worshipped Lord Vishnu […]

Ram Navmi

Ram Navami – a joyous celebration

We celebrated the most awaited festival of Ram Navami at Hare Krishna Melbourne in April. Thousands of people enjoyed the glorious appearance day of Lord Rama Chandra by dancing, singing and feasting. Lord Rama appeared on this earth around a million years ago. His birth was a much awaited and much celebrated event in Ayodhya. […]


Infanticide – a Spiritual Perspective

The recent tragic event of a Victorian mother drowning her own infant has truly shocked the nation. We offer our deepest condolences to the aggrieved family and keep the girl in our prayers. What could possible have caused the mother to turn into such a monster? Family and community structures provide stability in society. If […]


Hare Krishna Valley News

There is always something new to see and do at our Hare Krishna farm in Bambra. Last month, the Hare Krishna Valley witnessed a retreat, a growing vegetable garden and a wood-chopping event. It can be exhausting to live in a busy city like Melbourne. If you want to get close to nature and recharge, […]

Hijet Van 1

Harinam Inspired Generosity

Today we would like to share with you an inspiring story of a new Hare Krishna devotee. Jason recently donated a van worth 50000 dollars to the Hare Krishna temple for our Food For Life services. Jason became a devotee by participating in our Hare Krishna Music events. He narrates, “I was walking past the […]


Domestic Violence Workshop Conducted at Hare Krishna Melbourne

The volunteers of Natak Vihaar – a voluntary drama group, put up a fabulous performance to raise awareness about domestic violence on the 30th of April at the Hare Krsna Temple in Albert Park. ‘Natak‘ means drama and ‘Vihaar’ means recreation. This group is known for their enthusiasm in raising awareness about domestic violence through […]

151229 Temple class posters 2 crop

ISKCON Disciple Course This Easter Weekend

Good news! Melbourne Yatra will host another ISKCON Disciple Course over our upcoming Easter Holiday weekend: Saturday March 26: 3pm-6pm Sunday March 27: 10am-1pm and 3pm-6pm Monday March 28: 10am-1pm and 3pm-6pm The Course is facilitated by His Grace Aniruddha Prabhu. Our venue is the Mary Kehoe center. Remember that passing the Disciple Course is now […]

14 RB crop

New Resource: Deity Photos for Home Altars

Where can I find original or edited Deity photos to print for my home altar? Go to our new resource page (under the Publications menu): Deity Photos for Home Altars. The new page includes a selection of edited darshanas uploaded to Flickr. These shots are suitable for home altars and can be downloaded in original-size […]

130516 top centre Narasimha crop

Nrsimhadeva and Varahadeva: Mahaprabhu Mandir Silas

We have been hearing, in Srimad Bhagavatam class, the drama of Jaya and Vijaya’s fall from Vaikuntha in order to inspire the fighting spirit of the Supreme Lord’s incarnations – including Nrsimha, Varaha, Rama and Dwaraka. Right now we are hearing of the battle between Varahadeva and Hiranyaksha (Jaya). If your gaze, like mine, seeks […]

141206 2015 Gaura Purnima Folk crop

Gaura Purnima FOLK News Now Online

2016 Gaura Purnima season FOLK news is online now and our print edition should be delivered to your mailboxes in a week or so. In this edition Srila Prabhupada reveals the identity of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu and we uncover the significance of His holy Dhama. Glimpse Ayurveda ‘from the ground up’ at Hare Krishna Valley and […]

150725 Vyasa Puja crop

Join Our Worldwide Family: International Life Membership

ISKCON Melbourne introduces INTERNATIONAL LIFE MEMBERSHIP to your community. ISKCON Founder-Acharya His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Srila Prabhupada personally introduced the Life Membership Program in the early 1970’s. He invited everyone across the world to take advantage of residing in ISKCON temples – all over the world – for a couple of days, of […]

150923 2016 A3 calendar crop

Collect Your Varsha Puja Member Gifts

Attention all Varsha Puja Members! Please contact the Member Services Office to update your information in our database and collect your gifts of 2016 Hare Krishna Temple Calendars. Thank you for your generous support: may Guru and Krishna bless you unlimitedly.      

150930 Prabhupad Dis crop

ISKCON Disciple Course Now Compulsory For All Melbourne Applicants

Please note that passing the ISKCON Disciple Course is now compulsory for anyone taking shelter in Melbourne Yatra. The Course is designed to assist applicants prior to selecting a guru, not afterwards. By ISKCON law the Course became compulsory for anyone applying for first or second initiation after 6.9.2015. Melbourne Yatra will host an ISKCON […]

Vaishnava Calendar

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