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Food For Life has been providing Melbourne communities with free and affordable vegetarian meals so that anyone  in need of food can access it at any one of our distribution locations. This mission began in the early 1970s when Hare Krishna founder Srila Prabhupada stated  “let every hungry man in Melbourne come and eat”.

Since then, our Food For Life volunteers, chefs, and donors have graciously offered their time, money, and energy to help feed the hungry and needy of Melbourne.

Food For Life is for everyone, regardless of your religious, cultural, or even dietary background. If you live in Melbourne and  are in need of a free or affordable nutritious meal,  you can find it at the Hare Krishna Melbourne temple  on any day of the week.

Food For Life Melbourne

Who Can Enjoy Food For Life?

In short:  Food For Life has its roots in Hare Krishna culture, but it is a globally reaching movement that seeks to address poverty, hunger, and injustice in multiple cities around the world. It does this through environmentally-friendly means that completely avoids any cruelty towards animals and promotes a vegetarian diet without compromising the supply of   daily meals to a large number of people.

Food For Life Melbourne opens its doors to whoever is in need of our services. Our goal is to feed the hungry people of Melbourne – not to convert anyone to the Hare Krishna faith. No matter your background, we welcome you to make use of our Food For Life program.

Where Does The Food For Life Money Go?

Food For Life is a charitable cause, and therefore, we must adhere to the strict regulations of auditing that Australia conducts for its not-for-profit organisations. For this reason, you can have the peace of mind that any donations you make to Food For Life Melbourne – or to any of our centres around Australia – is going towards providing more resources to cook and distribute meals to the needy and homeless.

It’s also worth mentioning that every donation you make towards  Food For Life Melbourne is tax deductible.

The Hare Krishna Melbourne Food For Life Program

Hare Krishna Melbourne’s Food For Life program provides free and affordable meals to the people of Melbourne, three times a day, seven days a week, from our temple in Albert Park. We welcome everyone  to come enjoy our free community breakfasts, lunches, and dinners. In addition to this, we also distribute meals every Sunday from 5pm at the South Melbourne Market.

You can also visit Crossways Vegan/Vegetarian Restaurant n Melbourne’s CBD, which provides low-cost, bottomless vegetarian meals to whoever is in need.. Our mission of feeding the hungry people of Melbourne and fostering a strong sense of community grows  every year. No matter which of our Food For Life distribution centres you visit in Melbourne, know that you will be made to feel welcomed and that your needs will be met, regardless of your background,religion or culture.

Donate to Food For Life Melbourne

Food For Life Melbourne is supported by the generous donations of people from all around Australia. If you would like to help this important cause, then please feel free to donate any amount you are willing to via our donations page.

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