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Daily Class

Please see the connect page for daily video and audio lectures at the Temple, and videos of community seminars and events.




Bhakti Vriksha and Children's Class Contacts

Locate regular home programs around Melbourne and Victoria. Find out what weekend classes are available - for your children and teens - at or near the Temple in Albert Park.


Bhakti Vriksha & Children's Class Contacts

Courses and Course Information

Register for the upcoming Founder Acarya Course here.

Register for the upcoming ISKCON Disciple Course here.


All our courses are held at the Temple or nearby.


Register to qualify for shelter here.

Register to qualify for initiation here.

Register to qualify for second initiation here.


FOLK news magazine tells the story of our journeys in Krishna consciousness: share yours.

FOLK News Archives

2020: Gaura Purnima

2019: Gaura Purnima  Janmastami   Diwali

2018: Gaura Purnima  Janmastami   Diwali

2017: Gaura Purnima  Janmastami   Diwali 

2016: Gaura Purnima  Janmastami   Diwali    

2015: Gaura Purnima  Janmastami   Diwali   

2014: Gaura Purnima  Janmastami   Diwali   

2020 Melbourne Temple Calendar To Print

We've run out of our 2020 Temple calendars printed to A3 and DL (desktop) size. You can download a 'light' edition here to print. It's a 5MB 2-page PDF. Print it 'to fit' A3 size heavy paper, and tell your friends.

Get Photo Quality Prints From Online Darshana Pictures

At Hare Krishna Melbourne, we have established online albums at Facebook, Flickr and Google Photos just to help you access your favourite photo files and then print them yourself.


Here is an information sheet to help you find our best photos, and then make photo quality prints from them.


I hope you'll excuse the errors.


Get Photo Quality Prints From Online Pictures