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There are many opportunities for satisfying volunteer work at Hare Krishna Melbourne.

Some of the ways that you can volunteer with us are:

Crossways Restaurant

You can volunteer to help out in our low-cost food distribution program to provide food assistance for the community. We distribute thousands of plates of free or low-cost meals to the poor and needy. Crossways is located in the heart of the city and volunteering there means you get free lunch too!

Connect with the Crossways Team via Facebook

Hare Krishna Valley

If you have always wanted to live and work on a farm, then this could be a great opportunity! We need volunteers for everything from wood chopping, growing organic vegetables to helping out in our cow protection program. We are WWOOF hosts and welcome all WWOOFers to our farm!

Connect with Kesava, our farm manager, via Facebook, or email him on [email protected].

Festival of the Chariots

We need volunteers for our annual Chariot Parade and Village of Vedic India at the St Kilda Festival in February. If you’re interested, let us know and we will make sure you get a free lunch and have lots of fun too!


We need volunteers for the biggest celebration of the year in August-September!

Would you like to help volunteer on the day of the event? We need extra hands for services like vegetable cut up, security and cleaning. Please contact Krpa Siddha Das at [email protected].

Are you willing to collect bhoga for Krishna at Janmastami? Are you happy to canvass businesses to donate for Janmastami? Do you have your own transportation? Yes? Please contact Charu Chaitanya Dasa now to join his team (0412-696-559 or [email protected]).

Other Roles

Hare Krishna centres across the world are ably assisted by our volunteers. They come from a wide variety of backgrounds – students, couples, married folks and tourists to name a few. Anyone who wants to help out is more than welcome to contact us, and we’ll find a role where you can be involved. If you have a particular skill, then you can use that for Krishna too.

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