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Maybe you’ve thought about trying out meditation yoga in Melbourne, but don’t exactly know what it is or what the benefits are. That’s okay, as there are several misconceptions on the combination of meditation and yoga, and you would be forgiven for not having a clear understanding of its many benefits. 

At Hare Krishna Melbourne, we always welcome new people to try out meditation yoga as it is a great way to improve your physical and mental well-being and can help you manage any troubles you are currently facing. If you have been searching for a different way to settle your mind, release some tension, and find an inner peace and genuine happiness from within that has so far eluded you, then consider trying out meditation yoga, a key aspect of bhakti yoga the next time you are in Melbourne. 

What is Meditation Yoga? 

Many people think that yoga is purely a physical exercise—but this ancient spiritual practice also engages your mind in meaningful ways. Yoga is a form of meditation combining body and mind and can be seriously beneficial to anyone who has been looking for an alternative way of looking inward and forming a deeper connection with themselves and the world around them. 

The physical side of meditation yoga involves body postures, also known as “asanas”. These are the different types of poses that you make with your body to build awareness between yourself and your surroundings. These poses aren’t just to help you stretch your muscles. They are essential for engaging your mind and creating focus, benefitting you long term. That focus is then channelled into the meditative side of yoga. In a typical meditation yoga class, the physical exercises are either followed by or run alongside a series of mental exercises. This could include breathing techniques, repeating sacred mantras, visualisations, and guided meditation. By forming this union between your consciousness and the universe, you will harness a clarity and energy that can be hard to discover in our day to day lives. 

Meditation yoga in Melbourne

The Benefits of Meditation Yoga

Meditation yoga builds mindfulness, connection, and unity within ourselves. Practising it brings about many benefits, and we would like to share some of our favourites with you. 

Good for Your Mental Health 

Many people find meditation yoga to improve their overall mood and mental well-being. The practice requires you to block out any outside noise and strip your thoughts back to simpler, more serene patterns. More importantly, it keeps you in the present, without hankering for the future or lamenting about the past. It is simultaneously relaxing and illuminating, allowing you to discover a sense of clarity that can easily be lost in the busyness of modern society. 

Can Help with Insomnia 

Another benefit of practising meditation yoga can lead to a decrease in feelings of stress, anxiety, and lower moods. All of these emotional states can have a negative impact on our sleep quality, so managing them through yoga will help you rest better in the nighttime. 

Easy For Everyone 

No matter your age or health, there will be a form of meditation yoga that works for you. The practice is all about focusing and not going so fast in our lives every single moment of the day. It’s a universal lesson that everyone should pay attention to, and meditation yoga is the ideal platform to try slowing things down. You don’t need to pull off every pose perfectly—you just need to look inside yourself and focus on breaking down your thoughts and not allowing them to pursue distractive habits or patterns. 

Meditation Yoga at Hare Krishna Melbourne 

If you would like to try out meditation yoga for yourself in a safe, supportive, and welcoming space, then we would love to see you at our Sunday Kirtan. Entry is completely free, and you will get to experience the benefits of practising meditation yoga. If you have any questions, be sure to contact us.

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