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The community that stays together, thrives together

Hare Krishna Melbourne recently collaborated with Gumtree Good Foods to expand the Hare Krishna Food for Life initiative in Melbourne. Gumtree Good Foods donate fresh produce three times a week, helping us reach more hungry people in the city.

Gumtree Good Foods is a grocery store chain that sells fresh produce straight from the farmers to the local community in Port Phillip and Yarra. They recently joined hands with us, deciding to support our charity drive.


“Gumtree Good Foods donates fresh produce every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. This has helped immensely in bringing down the cost of our food distribution efforts”, says Manmohan, Manager of the Food for Life Program.

We were able to thank them for their kindness by giving a free lunch to staff in all three Gumtree Good Food stores recently. This partnership has added to our donor network of supermarkets, joining the likes of Coles Port Melbourne, one of our leading grocery donors.


How Food for Life Helps those in need

Through collaboration with supermarket chains, we are not only distributing more food to the needy but also doing our part in reducing food wastage. The Food for Life team look forward to future partnerships – and a lot more cooking!

Hare Krishna Melbourne have been running the Food for Life program for the past two decades, distributing fresh nutritious food plates to thousands of needy people each week. Since the start of the pandemic restrictions, we have increased our efforts. Partnering with local city councils, we have been distributing full lunch meals to those who are struggling financially due to the current restrictions.

You can also join hands for a good cause of supporting the community by your modest contribution, and there are a number of different ways you can contribute. With your help, Hare Krishna Food For Life can continue to provide free meals to Melbourne residents in need.

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