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On behalf of the Hare Krishna Movement (ISKCON) here in Melbourne, I would like to pay tribute to our dear friend Father Bob Maguire.
Father Bob was a great advocate of Interfaith connections and support and this is where I first met him in my role as Faith Community Council of Victoria member and eventually Chairperson.
We instantly connected with deep philosophical discussions on various spiritual topics and especially the most important deeply philosophical discussions on the AFL, as we were both Collingwood supporters, and how the ‘Woods would fare in each season.
While Parish priest in South Melbourne, he supported so many souls who were struggling with life’s hardships and especially young people whom he gave facility to arrange a youth interfaith space; a space to share beliefs and commonalities.
On several occasions Father Bob asked our local Hare Krishnas to attend a Mass at his church with our chanting, much to the surprise of the congregation and then to top it of he would insist that I give the sermon.
When he left the South Melbourne Parish and started the Father Bob Foundation we were practically neighbours in Albert Park and over the years we assisted each other in food distribution to the needy in our immediate region of Victoria.
He would attend our yearly Janmastami celebrations, (Lord Krishna’s Birthday) as our special guest of honour.
Personally, Father Bob was an inspiration, in my mind he epitomised a true follower of Lord Jesus, serving the needy, the homeless and the fallen in the humblest way.
He was my friend and I will miss him.
God bless you Father Bob.
Your servant and friend,
Bhakta dasa.
ISKCON Australasia Communications Director.
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