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The choice to opt out of any and all animal based products is a difficult decision for many but one that is becoming increasingly popular. Vegan cuisine is food that is free from all animal products. Where vegetarianism is definitively meatless, the presence of animal byproducts like dairy, eggs, and gelatin, may still be consumed. Veganism takes it one step further and cuts out all of those products.

People choose to eat a vegan diet for a huge variety of reasons. Personal beliefs around ethics, religion, and health have all contributed to the expansion of the vegan movement in recent years.

So why should you cater your next event with vegan cuisine?

A tofu salad wrap is cut open on a plate with a side of sauce.
It’s Delicious

To many the idea of eating something without meat, cheese, or eggs is a very new idea. When you take those things away, many people think that food would just be a bowl of boiled vegetables. But vegan food and cooking is anything but bland.

In fact, because vegans do not have access to the stock standard types of food they often have to think outside the box. Veganism has produced many creative foods that keep people coming back for more.

Many of your favourite dishes can be made vegan so you will never really go without options or variety either.

It’s Memorable

Vegan catering options have a way of making a lasting impression.

By catering your event with vegan food, you will have guests talking excitedly about how good the food is and how surprising it is.

Vegan cooking has made leaps and bounds in the past 20 years. Food science and exploration has found ways to make some truly incredible offerings and staples. Veganism draws on cooking principles from all over the world to create textures that dazzle the senses and flavours that keep you coming back for more.

By choosing vegan catering it shows to people that you are not afraid to stay a step ahead and that you are more than capable of fostering inclusivity. Good, exciting, and delicious food keeps people happy and coming back for more.

It’s Planet Conscious

The meat industry is a significant contributor to greenhouse gases and climate change, and veganism stands in opposition to that. Plant based food only contributes to about 30% of food production’s contribution to greenhouse gas emissions.

By offering catered vegan options at your event you are telling your guests that you care about the planet and the future.

It’s Good For Everyone

Vegan cuisine has the inbuilt advantage of being suitable for a huge range of dietary requirements. Vegetarian, lactose free, egg allergies are just some of the ways that vegan catering options will ensure that your guests can eat.

More than that, our team at Hare Krishna pride ourselves on making sure that everyone is catered to. Veganism and vegetarianism is just the start – if anyone has any other intolerances or tastes we will make sure there is something delicious, fulfilling, and special for them as well.

We believe that everybody should have access to food that tastes good and makes them feel good, and vegan food is where that begins.

Vegan Catering Options: More Than Just Veggies

Veganism isn’t necessarily a choice that everyone abides by, but it is a cuisine that everyone can enjoy. No matter your audience, vegan food will ensure people are well fed with good food.

Vegan food is delicious, and due to the free-from nature of it, people work extra hard to make sure that vegan food is just as satisfying. By choosing  vegan catering options you will not only be providing good food you will be giving your guests something to talk about. Vegan food is a delicious alternative to animal byproducts that people can feel good about eating.

If you want good and exciting vegan catering for your next event then get in touch with our team at Hare Krishna today. Our friendly team can guide you through our amazing range of catering options and will ensure a great experience at your next event.

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