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There are many misconceptions about vegetarian catering, such as its minimal food options and higher cost, that deter people from considering them for events.  However, vegetarian catering offers a number of hidden benefits for both event hosts and their guests.

The team at Hare Krishna Melbourne provide vegetarian catering for a variety of events from housewarmings to weddings. Our catering services offer not only vegetarian dishes, but a range of vegan menus and a wide selection of cuisines.

If you’re not aware of the benefits of vegetarian catering, don’t stress! We’re here to show you all of the benefits you’ll receive by having vegetarian catering for your event.

Vegetarian Catering Caters to You

One of the most important things about vegetarian caterers is that they value inclusivity. Vegetarian caterers place their guests as their highest priority. They often put a lot of thought into providing the best quality experience for their clients’ events.

Here are several ways of how vegetarian caterers can cater to you.

Vegetarian caterings adhere to dietary requirements

Dietary requirements are a part of life. Some people are born with allergies, while others choose to live by certain restrictions. Nevertheless, it is important to consider each guest’s dietary needs to provide them the same quality experience as everyone else.

Vegetarian caterers always consider their guests’ dietary needs before they begin to plan their dishes.

If you hire a vegetarian caterer, neither you nor your guests would need to worry about food. The team will make sure that there’s always something for everyone.

Vegetarian caterers serve a variety of food options

People think that since vegetarian food doesn’t include protein, such as meat or eggs, they will have less options to choose from. In reality, vegetarian caterers are extremely creative with their ingredients. To meet the varied tastes of their clients, vegetarian caterers will usually offer a wide range of dishes starring vegetables in unique ways. Some of them even offer a vegetarian version of people’s favourite foods, including burgers and lasagne, which are just as delicious!

Since they value inclusivity, vegetarian caterers like Hare Krishna Melbourne also offer food from various cuisines in their menu. Our caterers serve dishes from several cuisines, namely Asian, Indian, Continental, Mexican, and Western, to cater towards the Melbourne community’s varying cultural backgrounds. We provide these dishes because we believe that everyone deserves to feel like they are at home.

Vegetarian caterings are affordable

Contrary to popular belief, vegetarian caterers are not more expensive compared to other catering options. By forgoing animal-based ingredients that are commonly used in the catering scene, vegetarian dishes can be 40% cheaper to make.

Considering the food variety that is offered alongside their willingness to cater to their guests, vegetarian caterers offer great value for your money.

Vegetarian caterers also incorporate a variety of underrated ingredients to create delicious, vegetarian meals – adding further value to the experience.

Vegetarian Caterers Bring Life to Your Event

Not only is vegetarian catering beneficial for you and your guests, it can also become an exciting addition to your event! Here are several ways vegetarian catering can help spice up the occasion.

Vegetarian caterings provide a unique eating experience

The food you serve at events can have a large influence on how your guests will remember the experience. By providing vegetarian dishes at your event, which is currently an uncommon occurrence, guests are exposed to a variety of new food. This sets your event apart from the rest, since you’re bringing something new to the scene.

If you request popular food – such as burgers and pizzas – from your caterers then you get to witness guests being delightfully surprised at how their every-day food can also be served in a different manner.  Choosing vegetarian food for your event also offers entertainment for your guests.  Serving uncommon, yet delicious, vegetarian dishes will make your event one that guests will remember.

Vegetarian catering encourages guests to widen their palate

Becoming a vegetarian is a conscious lifestyle choice for many people worldwide. Hare Krishna Melbourne, for example, choose to provide delicious vegetarian food by cooking it in good conscience and with gratitude to ensure it is karma free and sanctified. However vegetarianism is not commonly practised in the wider Melbourne community.

Some people view the vegetarian lifestyle as a difficult one. For instance, those who have been eating animal protein their whole lives often find it difficult to become a vegetarian. They need concrete motivation to convince themselves to change their lifestyle – and even then, the process doesn’t simply happen overnight.

Vegetarian catering at events serves to not only provide vegetarian meals, but to also expose non-vegetarian individuals to the endless possibilities of vegetarian dishes. By offering vegetarian dishes to your guests, your event might be the starting point of some people’s vegetarian journey.

Hare Krishna Kitchen

Vegetarian catering is appropriate for every occasion

Whether you are hosting a corporate event, an intimate wedding, or even a birthday party, vegetarian catering is suitable for any occasion.

Remember, vegetarian caterers cater to you. No matter the situation or occasion, caterers would always have food options that are fit for your event. So don’t hesitate to call your favourite caterer whenever you’re planning an event. They will always be happy to serve their dishes to you.

Try Vegetarian Catering For Your Next Event!

Vegetarian caterers are a valuable addition to your event. Not only does the service care for you and your guests, but they also provide a unique dining experience to spice up your events.

Now that you know what vegetarian caterers can bring to the table, you can add a new catering option for your future events!

If you’d like to learn more about how we can help you cater your next event, get in touch with our vegetarian catering team. Hare Krishna Melbourne provides a wonderful vegetarian catering experience that is karma-free and made with good conscience. Our affordable and diverse menu options will definitely provide you with a fantastic first-time vegetarian experience.

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